When surfboards are rendered irreparable, they often meet their fate in desolate landfills. Upcycling them into art is not only an environmental responsibility but a heartfelt manifestation of love, respect, and gratitude for the exhilarating adventures they have borne witness to. By transforming these broken remnants into pieces of art, we breathe new life into the fragments that once danced atop powerful waves.

These are original artworks painted directed to surface, not digitally edited or printed.


Size: 5'6"

Medium: Acrylics on Surfboard

Year: 2023



Acrylics on soft top surfboard

Approx size: 4.5ft

Price: $1,300 (Stand not included)


Acrylics on soft top surfboard

Approx size: 5ft

Price: $1,800 (Stand not included)