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Welcome to Barbtropolis, the realm of Barb! Let me whisk you into my world and share a tantalizing tidbit about myself and my artistry.

I believe Imperfections are what makes us beautiful. 

My work is freestyle and it carries with it a subtle touch of 'flawsomeness' and a liberating sense of freedom. It’s a reminder that art is about emotions, not rigid rules. My creations embrace the charm of imperfections, like the whimsical creatures of our youth, each one totally unique yet harmoniously entwined. These very quirks are what craft the genuine essence of perfection. Much like our own existence, inherently imperfect yet uniquely captivating in its beauty.

Explore this whimsical wonderland at your leisure. Peel back the layers, unravel the tales of my creations, and discover the soul within. To the journey ahead – cheers!