About Me

Barbara Graetzer, also known as Barbtropolis, boasts over 15 years of experience as a Creative Director within premier advertising agencies worldwide. Recently, she has shifted her focus to her personal artistic endeavors, emerging as a prominent contemporary artist.

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Barbara's upbringing was influenced by her nomadic lifestyle, which led her to reside in various countries and cities globally. Her interest in art was sparked during moments of linguistic disconnect, compelling her to recognize the universal language of visual expression. Thus, she dedicated herself to crafting a diverse array of evocative imagery.

Barbara received formal training as a graphic designer and illustrator, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, and a Master of Arts in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

In recent times, Barbara has melded her newfound passion for surfing with her artistic pursuits, resulting in a fresh visual lexicon characterized by vibrant characters and creatures. Reflecting on this fusion, she remarks, "Surfing transports me to a nostalgic state of childhood, much like the characters I create. I endeavor to evoke the carefree spirit of doodling, crafting images imbued with joy and optimism."

Her artwork has garnered widespread acclaim, featured in esteemed publications such as Applied Arts Magazine, Creative Quarterly Magazine, CMYK Magazine, Graphis Advertising Annual, Graphis Poster Annual, Drawn: Leaders In Contemporary Illustration, Pictoria: The Best Contemporary Illustrators Worldwide, and 3x3 Magazine.

She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.